In the beginning, the idea was that of peace, a betterment of mankind's trial to traverse the stars with a better impact upon the universe, an alternative to warp drive.

Dr. Richard Geiger, a scientist and specialist in warp field theory, devised a way to initiate a FTL reaction with easy emission and with zero sub-space fragmentation. The idea behind this theory was to work with the wake of space in order to facilitate light speed, using sub atomic particles to act as a barrier to ease friction to nearly limitless potency. This possibility was tested in the year 2389 on the edge of Federation Space, near the Typhon Expanse.

The brave crew of the Federation Science Vessel, U.S.S. Outlander initiated the sub-sonic pulse in a brilliance of cobalt blue and sheering white at 1700 hours.

All hands were lost, the remnants of the Outlander never to be found. The aftermath of the experiment had created a tear in space, the shards of which spread into the Typhon Expanse, the nebular cluster immediately strengthening the rip, expanding it. The anomaly's properties of light reflectiveness caused a quirky image of the surrounding space, it became a giant “mirror” in space.

Scientific endeavors of study were immediate, talk of the Federation's trial with a new weapon and other dark conspiracy divulged during galactic council meetings circumventing fact from fiction a plenty; but, no one expected what happened next, and as the first ships were destroyed and the first few colonies annihilated, talk became a cheap commodity, and action played a leading role.

The mirror shattered, and what poured through launched an all out campaign for conquest.

Knowledge of the “Mirror” Universe was known within Starfleet Intelligence, encounters in the past had shaped a loose knowledge base, code named, “The Looking Glass,” that once looked over derive and compared with reports near the mirror anomaly that the invasion was indeed the work of the Terrian Empire; a vastly superior Empire that the Looking Glass files grossly underestimated in strength and numbers. It was hypothesized that, with the early introduction of the Borg threat within the Mirror Universe combined with the aggressive nature of the Terrains launched an all out advancement in the weapons and ways of war, marking the Empire to easily be the dominant power within their Universe. The opening created in the Typhron Expanse was just another avenue of conquest for the Terrian Empire.

2396, the era of the Shattered Universe and the war between the Federation and its allies and the Terrian Empire have plagued both universes for nearly seven years. Allies have been made, Cardassian, Dominion, Romulans, nearly all nemesis with the Federation now have an ally in the Terrian Empire whose goal has been the hunt and conquests of the Federation. Enemies of the Empire, the Mirror Klingons, Romulians and Cardassian, even the Breen and Remans have formulated into an Alliance, against the Empire, but it would seem that the preservation of the Federation and its ideals have long since been forgotten.

Current Plot: